Rellenar los huecos en el texto utilizando las siguientes palabras :

spend, sold, lent, advertising, borrow, won, earn,

Sam Allison is a milionaire. When he was small, he always put all his pocket money in the bank and savwe it. He didin't a).......... it, he never bought anything. When he was older, he started to work in a factory. He didin;t b)...... a big salary, but he continued to put all his money in the bank.One day Sam's friend Alf said he didin't have any money. He wanted to c).... ten pounds from Sam. Sam d).... him the money, but te told Alf that he needed to pay it back one day. That night Alf saw that an old woman was e).... lotery tickets with a big poster. The old woman f)..... Alf a ticket for ten pounds. The next morning Alf g).... the first prize in the lotery- 2 million pounds!

a) spend
b) earn
c) borrow
d) lent
e) advertising
f) sold
g) won

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