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Formular las frazes en voz pasiva en el tiempo correcto.

1.They are paiting the house.

2.He was reading the book in English.

3.Mary cut her finger yesterday.

4.We will send the latter on Monday.

5.Our team has won the match.

6.Mr. Jones teaches English at school.

7.She didn't put a book on the shelf.

8.The students haven't sold my poster.

9.I don't keep milk in the fridge.

10.Tom will not drive a car.

11.I wasn't drawing in my room.

12.The workers aren't building the bridge.

13.I don't drink coffee.

14.The team will plant the trees.

15.They are fixing the car.

16.Lavra has lost the keys.

17.My parents weren't leaving their flat.

18.I opened the windows very fast.

19.She didn't take the dog for a walk.

20.We will clean up the room.

The house is being painted by them
The book in English is being read by him
 Mary's finger was cut by her yesterday
The latter will be sent by us on Monday
The match was won by us
English is taught in school by Mr. Jones
Book wasn't put on the shelf by her
My poster wasn't sold by students
Milk isn't kept by me in the fridge
Car won't be driven by Tom
tego nie wiem
Bridge isn't being built by workers
Coffe is not drinked by me
The trees will be planted by the team
Car is being fixed by them
Keys were lost by Laura
Flat wasn't being lived by my parents
window was opened by me very fast
Dog wasn't taken by her on a walk
Room will be cleaned by us

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